Austin Schneider

From pursuing a career in public service to now committing myself to various volunteer opportunities and organizations, I thrive on making an impact to others and have a passion to help people. Whether it’s helping change a tire, giving advice, doing someone a genuine favor, to now helping with the sale or purchase of a home, people pleasing has been in my blood since I can remember. 

I originally got licensed to be a Real Estate agent when I was 18, but I tabled this career path, largely because my Mom was also a Real Estate Agent at the time and I experienced  her NOT making it through the recession, badly. To a point of bankruptcy. Why would I want to pursue something like this? How could I make a living doing this?

A few years later, after being privileged to work in business development and marketing roles at KING 5 TV, I still had that itch that needed to be scratched. I still loved homes, the design process, preparation, how each home fits into an individual personality, and I found myself constantly daydreaming of this as a career path.

Through my previous careers, I gained an abundance of knowledge in marketing, business, relationship building and developed the support which gave me the confidence to finally chase my dream.

I knew I wanted to pursue a path that I could help people, utilize my passion for marketing, the skills I acquired in my previous career, and fulfill MY dream of real estate, while helping others fulfill THEIR dream. This is my calling. 

I recognized that while there are thousands of other agents in the area, there was a gap in the way of doing business and knew I could do it better. I can provide better service. I can have a better system. I can provide the highest integrity to my clients. I can produce the best marketing. I CAN pursue my dream of helping someone with the largest transaction of their life. 

I finally decided to leave my steady job, move out of my hip apartment in downtown Seattle, and answer this calling. Follow what I was set out to do. 

Trust is something that's earned through integrity, being genuine, and staying true to yourself. These are all values that I take to the clients I work with now and will continue to throughout my career. It's not about getting a sale in this business, it's about building a lasting relationship, and working your tail off for them to PROVE your value.